The Hosford's Muscle Tables:
Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body

The skeletal muscle information has been placed on the Internet in a compact table form. To view and print the table you will need the free PDF viewer.

[Muscle Logo] The Hosford Muscle Tables:
-- 22 pages, updated Jan. 28, 2001.

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This entire web site developed from my interest in anatomy. I am a physical therapist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. These tables were a way for me to consolidate a lot of information down onto single sheets of paper for review and study purposes. The tables have been placed on the Internet in PDF format as a service to the Internet community.

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Trouble Shooting Help:

PDF files allow universal, cross platform file viewing and printing, with viewers that are distributed for free. The key to the whole process is that you need to download and install the free viewer before you will be able to see the tables. It actually is rather easy. Visit the Adobe web site, and select the "Acrobat" viewer for your computer. (Note there are also very detailed instructions on the Adobe web site that will also help you if you have problems getting the viewer to work.)

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Note: If a window pops up from your browser which reads Unknown File Type and/or No Viewer Configured, and you have installed and setup the viewer, then this means that you simply need to let your browser know where the viewer is when it retrieves a PDF file. In Netscape, you can go to Options, General Preferences, and then Helpers to set it up correctly.

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